Cannibals, Ocean Waves, and Casey Neistat | 3-Bullet Blogs

Holy crap, sorry that there’s been such a massive gap in these blogs. I’d insert some awesome excuse here if I had one, but I really don’t have one other than juggling work and the stream. I’ll try and get these things more consistent, I think the hardest thing for me is just getting started, and after hearing Tim Ferriss talk about his quota of “2 crappy pages” a day, I think I can know out at least SOMETHING every day. It doesn’t even have to be 2 pages, it could be “1 crappy paragraph” a day, and with that I’d be able to put out a blog every week! That was just a really long winded way of letting you guys know that I’m gonna try to write more.

Oh, and the blog about all the other crazy stuff that’s happened in my neighborhood is coming! It involves (ALLEGEDLY), drugs, the paramedics, CPR, the police, mass amounts of strangers, screaming, Austria, and Nicholas Cage. I’m still working on putting it all together into something that resembles readable, so hopefully that will be the next thing I put out.

But on to some other shit for your week!

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The Vaults of Terra, Songs on Repeat, and Staying on Task | 3-Bullet Blogs

legbracestv as a qtpie in hawaii

Hey squad! We just got back from our vacation to Hawaii (totally awesome wedding present!), which is why this blog is a little late. Sorry about that, and let’s all just pretend that I didn’t put on 10lbs from all the food and booze over the last week. k thx!

What I’m Watching

The Vaults of Terra

I absolutley love the Warhammer 40k universe, it’s just so dark and gritty with such amazing background stories. So even though it’s been quite a few years since I’ve played any of the tabletop games, I still watch/read/ingest anything lore related to the 40k universe. The Vaults of Terra is a channel that puts out WH40k lore videos (amongst other things) that give you a ton of interesting information and background (plus the dude has a pretty awesome accent XD ).

Here are a couple of my favorites to get you started, but pretty much all of the lore videos are awesome. Can’t wait for more in depth lore videos on the other races/species/armies!

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