Night-owl Problems and 3-Bullet Blogs

Tired man sitting on bed
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Ok, so as I’m sitting here writing this it’s like 9am and I’m still super tired, need dat caffeine fix pronto! (or whatever is in Yerba Mate tea, I’m not big on coffee but I’ll talk about that in a later post).

I’m running on about 3hrs of sleep bc I was working on building a softbox for the new lamp I got as lighting for the stream, and I’ll be damned if I’m spending $30 when I built this one for $5! Actually, that’s not fair, if the softbox thing makes the stream look good I’ll probably buy a professional one, I just wanted to try it out first before I committed to anything (I’m really big on testing things before I spend a ton of money on it). I’ll probably do a write up on it in the future, as well as a write up on my $7 green screen, but back on topic!

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