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Hey guys! Been awhile since I’ve posted one of these things and I feel terrible about it. I really have no excuse other than being a lazy fuck, so I’ll try and get better about keeping true to my writing schedule.

So we just had our very first cooking/social eating stream on Twitch and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out! It was amazing and I really wanna do more of these (more cooking and less social eating. I feel like a fat fuck eating on camera), not only because they’re fun, but that way I can kinda improve my cooking and maybe begin to enjoy doing it on a regular basis. I think I’ve said it many times on stream, I HATE COOKING, but streaming it with the waifu was a blast! Normally if I’m making food for myself I just microwave something bland and cram it down my gullet. Maybe it was because of the booze or because of the people in stream, but I really enjoyed the whole process this time. So yeah, more of these kinds of streams!

Anyway, on to the 3 Bullets!

What I’m Watching

Real life anime fight

Jesus man, these guys are friggin AWESOME! It becomes even more funny if you’ve seen all the animes they are mimicking. You gotta watch it a few times and pickup on all the little funny things they say (listen out for what he calls the goons who are holding his friend hostage XD ).

They have a part 1 but part 2 was my favorite. Regardless, go check them out!

What I’m Listening To

Life is Strange soundtrack

THIS ENTIRE SOUNDTRACK IS AWESOME. I think I’ve praised Life is Strange so many times on stream as an amazing experience, but I swear what they chose for the soundtrack was flawless. It fits so well and contributes to so many of the feels during your play through.

The soundtrack was also great because I began exploring all the bands in it that I hadn’t heard of before. Check it out!

Something I’m Interested In

The Mighty Mug

Ok, when I saw the commercial for “The Might Mug” I was pretty skeptical, but then I saw the review by Unbox Therapy (who does FANTASTIC reviews by the way) and I was blown away. It’s a friggin UNSPILLABLE CUP!!!

Unbox Therapy typically does some pretty honest reviews. In this one he really tries to spill the cup (within reason, I mean he doesn’t hit it with a bat but come on), but it doesn’t tip! It’s great because of the anxiety that you can see in his face, which I totally get because you really do get some sort of physical reaction watching it nearly happen.

Some of you out there might not think that this is that big of a deal, but as someone who works at a desk the whole day (developer/streamer/video game addict) THIS IS HUGE! I had actually started to only drink from water bottles and keep them on the floor while at my desk, NO MORE! The shackles of the liquid spilling gods have been cast off!!!… or at least they will be once I order a couple of these things. They’re like $20 bucks so I gotta save my pennies for awhile, but once I get one it’ll be epic!

So there ya go, some stuff for you to waste time on and hopefully get a little bit of enjoyment out of. I really want to do more of the cooking streams though, but I gotta figure out what I wanna cook! If you guys have any ideas of types of food, recipes, or something completely different that you wanna see for these cooking/social eating streams, let me know down in the comments below or on twitter!


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