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Ok, some people made me realize that the first section of my “3-Bullet Blogs” (Brain Dump) are typically long enough to be an entire blog unto themselves. The idea with 3-Bullet Blogs was that it was supposed to be short and sweet with stuff that you guys can check out in only a couple minutes. So I’m changing the first section to “What I’m Watching”, where it will be a link/embed of a video or series that I’ve found interesting, and I’ll save the long form stuff for it’s own blog post.

So with all that said I’ll keep this one short!

What I’m Watching

Nostalrius: What is it? Why does it matter? – TradeChat

This was a great video explaining the whole vanilla WoW private server take-down drama. I was a huge vanilla WoW player back in the day and I really wanted to give this private server a try, but it was taken down by Blizzard (and I totally get it, they were well within their legal rights to do so). This video by TradeChat explains things pretty well, although you might not really care unless you are/were a WoW fan. Vanilla WoW was my main game for many years and is probably the main reason I picked up Black Desert Online. I think I’m forever chasing that same feeling of curiosity and awe that came with playing in such a giant virtual world for the first time. StarCitizen needs to hurry up and get here! (but i’ll save talking about StarCitizen for another time though)

What I’m Listening to

Generate – Eric Prydz

I’m a huge edm head, absolutely love it, and this song makes my morning. Such an awesome song that just fills me with energy and puts me in a great mood!

Something I’m Interested In

Monster Hunter Generations

I think I say it all the time on stream, but I LOVE MONSTER HUNTER! Generations will be the newest release for the Monster Hunter franchise in the US so I’m super excited. It’s such a great series, the whole coop in order to defeat a massive boss that just wrecks everything is such a cool concept to me. I think that’s probably why I love going SunBro in Dark Souls so much as well since it give me the same feeling.

Unfortunately the game is on the 3DS, which is a great platform to play it on since it’s mobile, but it makes it hard to stream it on Twitch. I’ve seen some people use a webcam to just capture the screen, but that’s pretty much just a gnarly band-aid fix. The only way that you can really stream it is if you send out your 3DS to have a capture card installed, which can be pretty expensive plus they go out of stock fast. Since I love the series so much though we’re thinking about getting one before launch and streaming it day 1 (keeping my fingers crossed that this happens!).

So that’s it, my 3-Bullet Blog for the week, this time much shorter. Let me know what you guys think of the Nostalrius shut-down, the music, and about the Monster Hunter series (or me streaming it!) on Twitter or Twitch!


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