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Getting Guns Pulled on Me | Trouble With the Cops

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Ohai guise! Ok, so writing is actually really difficult for me and that’s why this blog took friggin forever to come out. Over the last couple of weeks the waifu and I have been SUPER busy, so I’m just gonna go over one of the more “memorable” things that happened recently. We had a little police trouble and guns got pulled.

I guess our neighborhood is going to shit (or at least that’s what some of our neighbors were saying after the incident below, I still dig it here). A little over a week ago I was working with my headphones on at my desk, which is right near the window that faces our apartment walkway (we’re on the ground floor). I hear a bunch of heavy walking out front, think it’s one of our neighbors, and I just casually glance outside to see someone trying to look through my blinds which fuckin freaks me out. I focus a bit and see A SQUAD OF FUCKING COPS WITH RIFLES AND PISTOLS DRAWN.

Holy fuck…

Now what races through my mind first is “I’M GETTING FUCKIN SWATTED!!!” and mentally prepare myself for the sound of my door getting kicked in (actually would have been kind of a cool test because we just installed security screws that are supposed to help prevent to door from being kicked in easily, but I digress). I pause my work and just sit there for what seems like forever.

Then I hear a light “knock knock knock”. Whew…ok at least I’m not gonna get flash banged. I walk to the door NERVOUS AS FUCK and open up. “Hi officer, can I help….” the officer opens up our screen door and places a foot inside the house.

Totally a power move but goddamn it I totally get it. I can’t even imagine being a police officer. That shit seems like the worst job ever and I praise anyone with the balls to do it. I mean think about it, as a cop a huge chunk of your interactions are with people who are trying to lie to/deceive you, or have been involved somehow (victim, perp, witness) in a crime so they’re totally stressed out. Most of my interactions with people range from “neutral” to “pretty fuckin awesome”, RARELY do I deal with any sort of assholes. Ok, back to the story.

So here I am, standing with a cop that’s basically pulled some alpha male shit on me (with good reason, I get it), and I notice that he has some kind of rifle drawn (AR-15 I think? I knew I shoulda paid attention more attention while playing CS:GO. Well, I didn’t really “play” so much as “failed at” CS:GO. Rifle aimed down btw). Behind him stand another 7 officers all with guns drawn (3 more rifles, 4 pistols) lookin all crazy at me. He starts asking me questions and I start answering with “Yes sir. No sir. Uhhhh….maybe?”, I don’t really remember, but THEN I realize….I’m not wearing pants or a shirt (it was hot, fuckin sue me).

Holy…fuckin…shit…I’M ONE OF THOSE STEREOTYPES FROM THE SHOW “COPS”!!! Fucked up hair, boxers but no pants, no shoes, and a chest tattoo. I totally get it now why everyone on that show is missing a shirt or wearing a dirty ass tank top. Praise Odin there wasn’t a tv camera.

After talking to me they start knocking on all of our neighbors doors, but they’re all gone for the day. Later on I found out that 6 people had reported gunshots coming from MY BUILDING. How the FUCK did I miss that? No clue what ended up happening and haven’t found an incident report on it yet.

Moral of the story? Xiaomi, thank you for making such AMAZING headphones that they blocked out the sound of gunfire in the next apartment over. I’m totally serious, these things are fuckin amazing and they’re like super cheap. I have Sennheisers ( hd428 and hd598 )as well, but the Xiaomi Piston 3s are the ones I use when I need to focus.

I only wished that I knew what happened after that (maybe it was a car backfire?), hope no one got hurt….damn I need to find a new place. xD

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